Sculptors in Barcelona, Aram Nikogosyan

Professional Sculptor and Draftsman

Sculpture workshop in Barcelona
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Sculptures, reliefs, monuments, Barcelona, Spain

I create sculptures and professional drawings to order: portraits, busts, human figures, reliefs, animals, all types and sizes. I am a professional realist sculptor and draftsman with Italian tendencies. I have 25 years experience as an artist.

I have created monuments and other important works in Barcelona, Madrid and other cities in Spain, always getting the full satisfaction of my clients.

There are many possibilities for sculptures. I can create from a 10 cm miniature to large and monumental sizes. I can work either from a photograph or a drawing.

You can choose exactly what you need. For example, you can create a bust or portrait of someone close, which can be a beautiful and original gift of a lifetime.

I can also create a life-sized figure of a loved one, which is exactly the same as them, that makes a lovely home or garden decoration, providing warmth and pleasant surroundings.

I can also create an animal or pet. For example, it could be a horse jumping in its own garden, but in bronze; a precious image that will last forever. Or it could be a fountain with any sculpture that the client thinks of, providing a special touch to the landscape.

A more complete option could be the design of a whole set for a house or building with sculptures and reliefs, all with a unique style of your choice, specifically designed for each request. For example, a restaurant owner envisions his restaurant as if it were in the age of ancient Egypt, with gods made in sculptures and reliefs creating the exact style of the age it represents in its entire surroundings.

Any theme that interests you can be created: the style of a country you want to represent (Greek, typical Spanish...) or create a sea atmosphere, with the details that characterize it. In summary, it is a wide range and you can choose what you want. The work quality is guaranteed.

The drawings (especially the portraits) can be done with pencil or oils in black and white or color, from a photograph or in person.

A rough drawing, a photograph or a simple explanation is sufficient from the client to bring the work to life, whether it is a sculpture, a drawing or a painting.